MULTILYZER STe - The award-winning design!

"Red Dot Award: Winner 2014" - Category of product design in industry!

The new MULTILYZER STe is a portable flue-gas analyzer with robust protective holster (incl. integrated magnets). The large TFT color display allows to show up to 8 measured values. The measured gas values can be displayed in five and the measured pressure values in 9 different units. With automatic instrument check during program start and limit value monitoring. The compact design allows the device to be equipped with any combination of up to six measuring cells (O2, COH2, COHIGH, NO, NO2, SO2). Calculated parameters: CO undiluted (air-free), lambda, CO2, Eta efficiency, flue gas loss, dew point, etc. The CO measuring cell is H2-compensated for official measurements. USB, Bluetooth® Smart (BLE), infrared and MicroSD interface are also available for communication with other devices, PC or the EUROprinter.

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