MAXILYZER NG is the ideal flue gas analyser for universal application for measuring small and medium-sized oil, gas and solid-fuel fired heating systems according to the German Federal Immission Act and for CO concentration safety checks at gas fired systems.

This compact, high-quality measuring instrument is perfectly suited for servicing solid fuel systems (e.g. log wood fired systems with short-term CO peaks up to 20,000 ppm) or bivalent, modulating CHP systems. MAXILYZER NG can be equipped with up to six measuring cells (O2, COH2, NO, SO2, NO2 and COHIGH).

The large, high-contrast display lets you read up to 10 different measured values at a time. The flushing pump which can be activated manually and automatically provides active sensor protection. The sensor diagnostics function is always active to help ensure trouble-free operation of MAXILYZER NG. It provides early detection of unwanted failures of measuring cells.

The measured values can be stored in the internal memory or printed on site with the integrated thermal printer. A standard USB interface and an optional Bluetooth® interface facilitate subsequent processing of measurement data.

MAXILYZER NG excels with extremely high measuring accuracy. The housing is very robust, dust-tight and water-tight for easy transport and secure storage. In addition, MAXILYZER NG can be used at locations subject to adverse conditions.

An external gas treatment system (for example, MAXISTEM) can be connected for long-term measurements or SO2- and NO2-related measurements.

Further functions:

  • Measuring with two active display levels (multitasking function)
  • Intelligent charging technology that is easy on the batteries (efficient charging also during measurements)
  • Measuring configurations can be programmed as required
  • Automatic instrument check with sensor test
  • Triple-stage gas treatment system with condensate trap, particle filter (with condensate absorber function) and water stop membrane (with particulate matter filter function)
  • Separate measurement programs for flue gas analysis, pressure and temperature
  • Zoom function

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