The high-precision series "S2600 ST" pressure measuring instruments of the BlueLine series are suitable for measuring the pressure of gaseous, non-corrosive media in non-hazardous locations. The "S2600 ST" range of pressure measuring instrument comprises four device versions (±150 mbar, ±1 bar, ±5 bar, ±8 bar). The "S2600 ST" measuring instruments may be used for pressure measurements at gas lines.

The "S2600" pressure measuring instruments excel with the large and clearly structured display as well as with maximum user-friendliness. The excellent surface feel of the device in a robust protective sleeve optimally rounds off the outstanding product.

The high-quality "S2600" pressure measuring instruments are certified as per EN 50379-2 and can be used in a great variety of applications. Application examples: inspection of filters and gas lines, check of ventilation systems and liquid tanks, measurement of chimney draft and vacuum, etc.

Further functions, properties and features:

  • Advanced design
  • Ergonomic design
  • Intuitive operation
  • Precise measurement results
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
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