GSP3 und GSP3-flex

GSP3 and GSP3 flex gas detectors are reliable, handy detectors for the detection of gas leaks (flammable gases) in gas pipes as well as connection pieces and fittings, gas meters, gas burners and gas tanks.

GSP3/GSP3-flex provide visual and audible indication of detected gas concentrations. The frequency of the audible signal increases with increasing gas concentrations. The concentration of the detected gas is indicated by the three LEDs.

The gas detectors GSP3 and GSP3-flex are not explosion-protected and may therefore not be used in explosive atmospheres/hazardous locations.

The gas detectors GSP3/GSP3-flex are calibrated for methane (CH4). Other gases are also indicated, but the values differ from the sensor characteristic. The deviation is relatively small in the case of CxHy gases (butane, propane, etc.).

The GSP3/GSP3-flex gas detectors feature a protection function against sensor poisoning which automatically switches off the sensor at excessive gas concentrations (> 2.000 ppm CH4). This helps to protect the sensor from destruction.

The high-quality sensor features auto-calibration. However, it is possible to perform manual zero correction via a button at any time.

Further functions, properties and features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Fast and reliable detection of flammable gases
  • Flexible gas probe for use in spaces difficult to access
  • Intuitive operation
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