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QM Certificate according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

 DIN EN ISO 9001:2008


TÜV Certificates (EN 50379-1 and EN 50379-2)


  TÜV certificate MULTILYZER STe

  TÜV certificate BLUELYZER ST

  TÜV certificate MAXILYZER

 TÜV-Zertifikat Eurolyzer ST(e)

  TÜV certificate Multilyzer

  TÜV certificate Prolyzer / Bluelyzer

  TÜV certificate CAPBs

  TÜV certificate S4600-ST 

  TÜV certificate TMD9

  TÜV certificate S2600

  TÜV certificate S2600 - TM7 / TMD7 

  TÜV certificate S2400 FZM /DMG

  TÜV certificate S2400 TM5 & TMD5

  TÜV certificate S2500

  TÜV certificate S4600


TÜV - Test Certificates & Confirmations



See also at approvals according DIN EN 50379-1 and DIN EN 50379-2:




DVGW Certificates

  DVGW type examination certificate - DPK 60-7 & DPK 60-7 ST

  DVGW type examination certificate - TMD9 & S4600 ST (CAPBs)

Production mentioned by TUV

Accordingto the DIN EN 50379 “Specification for portable electrical apparatusdesigned to measure flue gas parameters of heating appliances” andbased on our Quality Management (QM-System) in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 we are authorized now to use the TUV label on the following instrument types:

EUROLYZER ST / STe / STx  (DIN EN 50379 - Part 1+ 2)

MULTILYZER STe / NG (DIN EN 50379 - Part 1+ 2) 

MAXILYZER NG + MAXILYZER NG Plus (DIN EN 50379 - Part 1 + 2)

BLUELYZER ST (DIN EN 50379 - Part 1+ 2  /  CO according DIN EN 50379 Part 1 + 3)

S2600 Pressure and Temperature Meter (DIN EN 50379 - Part 1 + 2)

S4600 Pressure Meter (DIN EN 50379 - Part 1 + 2)

S4600-ST Pressure Meter (DIN EN 50379 - Part 1 + 2)

Short information about the DIN EN 50379:

Part 1: General requirements and test methods.

Part 2: Performance requirements for apparatus used in statutory inspections and assessment.

Part 3: Performance requirements for apparatus used in non-statutory servicing of gas fired heating appliances.

Management of quality

It is highly intended to provide the quality of our products and service according to actual norms, legal regulations and actual technology by taking responsibility for environment and demands of our customers into consideration.

We construct and produce hard and software for electronic measuring instruments in the following areas:

  • Exhaust-gas analysis
  • Measurement of pressure
  • Climate technology
  • Environmental technology

Quality is an important factor within our company and production is controlled on every phase.



  MULTILYZER STe  -  Red Dot Award 2014 Winner

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