Route description:

From Zurich:
From Zurich drive to Constance (N1 and N7) and take the ferry to Meersburg. Then drive in direction of Friedrichshafen. After a winding road heading for Salem, Heiligenberg, follow the signs to Pfullendorf. On the road to Pfullendorf turn off in Rickertsreute in direction of Illmensee.

From Ulm:
Follow the B30 until you reach Biberach. Then go in direction of Saulgau over Ostrach to Denkingen. In Denkingen turn off to Illmensee.

From Stuttgart:
Follow the A81 to Stockach and from Stockach head in direction of Pfullendorf. Drive in direction of Ravensburg and after 12 km turn off to Illmensee.

From Friedrichshafen:
Drive to Markdorf and then in direction of Deggenhausertal, Höchsten. From there follow the signs to Illmensee.

Alternatively you can choose the route over Ravensburg.

From Ravensburg:
In Ravensburg head in direction of Meersburg (RV-Weststadt). After Ravensburg turn off to Ostrach-Pfullendorf and go to Wilhelmsdorf. In Wilhelmsdorf follow the signs to Illmensee.


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